Builder Loan Products

IMC’s builder-specific loan products include an array of specialized financing options. There is no minimum loan amount, and an IMC loan specialist will take a personal, hands-on approach to your financing needs.

Land Acquisition Loans

The acquisition of vacant building lots requires huge outlays of capital. IMC provides the financing necessary to purchase one lot or an entire approved or un-approved subdivision. We are able to underwrite your request in a timely manner to insure any closing deadlines.

Site Development Loans

IMC is an experienced land development lender. We provide the funding necessary to install the public or private improvements required in a residential housing subdivision, including storm sewer systems, sanitary sewers, utility lines, roads, curbs, and recreational facilities. In addition, we can provide your local municipality with the financial security necessary to commence improvements by executing set-a-sides, escrows, or providing letters of credit. We are one of the most active lenders financing public homebuilders option agreements. IMC has the ability to provide maximum funding on improved lots.

Construction Loans

IMC finances the bricks-and-sticks construction of homes. We can finance one house or entire subdivisions, and we fund both pre-sold and speculative homes. Our state-of-the-art loan administration system provides fast disbursement of construction draws to subcontractors and material suppliers. We provide up to 100% of the cost of construction. Providing payment guarantees to subcontractors and material suppliers is our specialty.

Bridge Loans

Bridge financing involves a short-term interim loan (typically 3-6 months) designed to bridge two points in time. We provide these loans in order to meet critical closing deadlines. A bridge loan can be used to “jumpstart” a construction project before the closing of the eventual construction loan. Traditional lending sources usually shy away from bridge loans as there is typically not a defined source of repayment. IMC, however, has the expertise to fully analyze the repayment risk and provide sound bridge financing.

For more information on Independent Mortgage Company’s builder programs or to set up an appointment with an IMC loan specialist, email us today or call 610-272-2064, extension 222.